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About Jonesport, Maine

Life is good in the heart of DownEast, Maine

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Jonesport is a small fishing village, located in the heart of "Down East", along Maine's rugged coast, with a population of approximately 1500 people living here year round. In the summer, the population increases as people arrive for the season to open their homes and camps.

There is a medical center, an elementary and high school, two banks, several bed and breakfasts,a hardware store, an all-around store; where you can get gas, lottery tickets (if you're feeling lucky). We have a brand new 16,000 square foot grocery store and a pizza shop where you can get subs, grinders, hoagies or however you refer to them. We have a small home bakery and a newly renovated library with high speed computers available. There are several antique shops and a gift shop open during the summer months. The fishermen go out between 3am and 6am depending on what they are fishing for. Boat tours are also available.

In the spring, as the snow melts we get into what we refer to as "Mud Season". During the latter part of spring the pussy willows start to bloom, the spring peepers start their calling, and the hummingbirds start making their way back from Central America. Then comes summer with all of its activities. Jonesport has a 4th of July celebration, area beauty pageants, a parade, the World's Fastest Lobster Boat Races, and a recently added feature: The Worlds Fastest Model Boat Races held in an area lobster pound. In August, the barrens are blue with ripened blueberries and the harvesting begins culminating at the two-day Machias Wild Blueberry Festival held in Machias, with craft vendors, food vendors, and entertainment.

Machias is the County Seat. and is approximately 20 miles from downtown Jonesport. There you will find several restaurants and banks, a grocery store, a drug store with a pharmacy, and a hospital. There are some florists and gift shops, and an organic food market. In the summer, the Down River Theater is open showcasing local talent.

Machias is also home of the University of Maine, Machias (UMM). It has a theater, art gallery, Stone Island Press, and more. It is also rated as one of the top four small Universities in the Country for English and liberal arts. Located in a small town rural setting, UMM is one of only four public universities left in the entire country, as classified by the Carnegie Foundation. UMM has a very small campus that has dorms for residential students and is also available to commuter students. Environmentally-friendly, UMM is the only one in the country.

Jonesport is an ideal location for artists, photographers, and people who want to leave the "rat race" of urban settings.

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